Background Information

Program Background

 Piloted in the spring of 2014, the OCAPICA FAFSA Completion Program was created in an effort to increase the FAFSA Completion  rates of high schools throughout the Anaheim Union School District. We believe that FAFSA Completion is a key indicator for student success as students who obtain financial assistance to support their academic endeavors are more likely to succeed in education and come out of the experiences with degrees of higher learning. This program is funded by the College Futures Foundation.

Agency Background

The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) is dedicated to enhancing the health, and social and economic well-being of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County, California. Established in 1997, OCAPICA works to improve and expand the community’s opportunities through service, education, advocacy, organizing and research. These community-driven activities seek to empower Asians and Pacific Islanders to define and control their lives and the future of their community.

OCAPICA Website:


Ashley Cheri, Program Director

Kassie Tong, Program Coordinator

Sheryll Buhain, Program Coordinator

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